How Pop Culture Trends Influence Youth?

Pop culture or popular culture is a set of such beliefs and practices that are dominant in a society at a particular period of time. Nowadays, we can see lots of influence of the mass media on pop culture or popular culture. The pop culture can influence the everyday life of a person in various ways. It is also a fact that different people define pop culture in different aspects. Some essential forms of pop culture are folk culture, slang and technology etc. The trends of the pop culture are influencing the youth in the following provided ways by coursework writing services UK.

Negative impacts of pop culture

The pop culture can destroy the young generation in various ways. Some negative impacts of the pop culture on the youth are explained below;

  • There are some teenagers who got stress from their social lives and school and they try to get involved themselves in the drug abuses. Its reason is that lots of modern people around them have adopted this drug abuse as fashion. With the help of these unhealthy methods, they try to fresh their minds.
  • The second negative impact of pop culture is in the form of cultural pressure. Its reason is that when they look at the other people who have adopted the pop culture, they try to act in the same way. If they are not able to perform in the same way, they feel cultural pressure on their minds.
  • Nowadays, lots of teens try to follow their favourite rock stars and they try to adopt their expensive lifestyle. Due to lack of resources, they are not able to meet their standards and they have to face lots of problems.
  • Some people try to keep rare animals. As a result, they become predators and they become a threat to these animals because they are not able to provide a natural environment to these animals.
  • As we know that there are some cultural values of each culture. By adopting these short term values, the teens also destroy their cultural values.

Positive impacts of pop culture

Along with negative impacts, there are also some positive impacts of pop culture. These impacts are explained below;

  • The first and the most important positive impact of pop culture is that the people listen to the music and by listening to music, they can fresh their minds. Moreover, music is also helpful for them to concentrate on specific tasks.
  • Another important positive impact of pop culture is that it gets universal acceptance from all around the world. Therefore, it is easy for us to commercialize it at the international level.
  • With the help of pop culture, it is also possible for us to create such things which have high cultural values.
  • Due to the worldwide acceptance of the pop culture, we are able to maintain the uniqueness and soul of the pop culture.
  • Mass cultures have got the value of globalization. Its reason is that the mass media is watched all around the world.

In short, we can say that with the help of pop culture, we are trying to create something new and better.

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