Google Education – Innovative Program by Google to Enhance Education

Google Education – Innovative Program by Google to Enhance Education

Google has been the pioneer in many things and it has made life easy for people all over the globe. Not only it has made gateways in communications and the technology but it has also stepped into the academic arena and helped to expand learning for everyone with its specialized tools and applications that make it easy for students as well as teachers to enhance education. Since the past few years, Google has been working hard to support education through its products, programs and philanthropy and the will to make this world a better place.

Every year, several millions students graduate from high schools and Google aids them immensely in this endeavor.  Google has made it possible for students with its accounts and applications to upload their documents on the drive and access it from anywhere, whether they are in school or vacationing in other parts of the world.  In addition to this, Google has also introduced a number of innovative programs that enhance education and make it easy for students to learn and progress in the right direction.

How Google has Changed Education

Google is without any doubt one of the most commonly used search engines in most parts of the world. From housewives to businessmen and students to explorers, all make use of their Google account and its associated apps to check out information, find locations, look for answers and do much more. In addition to this, Google has transformed access to information and its impact on the education is still under research as more and more students use the search engine to conduct research and assimilate data and this is bringing about a change in the way our education system works.

In the past, there was no internet or computer or any type of search engine, the students were required to study by visiting the school or college or even the local library to find the right references and information, talk to their teachers and even conduct surveys to make headway. However, things have completely changed and now students do not need to do anything to complete their project, all they need to do is to check out Google and the search engine will lead to a string of targeted websites that will give them the information they will to complete their assignments.

Google has helped education progress, made it a more focused and has truly made the process as simple as a,b and c. A student living in some third world country has access to the same information as a child growing up in the USA and uses it for academic purposes without any restrictions. The best thing about Google is that it offers well-organized and appropriate information that makes collection of knowledge easy and convenient for all.  

These days, more than 30 million students make use of Google education apps like Gmail and Docs as they provide students an innovative way to study and work for their academic goals. These applications and tools have proved to be marvelous for education and there is no questioning the way they are spreading educational opportunities across the globe.

How Google enhances education for teachers

Google for Education has also helped teachers immensely and it continues to make their lives easy over the years, giving them a chance to work better in an environment that is digitally connected with aid of software like G Suite for Education and Google Classroom. Along with this, the newly-introduced Google Assignments is also a restructured version of CourseKit, that offers variety of features that provides teachers the opportunity of saving time for assessing and inspecting papers. It brings together the capability of Google Docs as well as Google Drive and Search into one place, making it easy for them to collect and grade the students’ work and streamline things just the way they want.

Google Assignments allows students to run “originality reports” up to three times to check for plagiarism, which gives them a chance to fix the errors in their papers before they hand it over to the teacher. It also helps teachers as they also save precious time on checking and rechecking the document before grading it.  The feature is known as “Originality Reports” and with this, the teachers can check for missed citations and other issues and once the work is turned in and locked, the feature will also check the students’ paper against billions of pages and books, Google confirmed.