How Google Classroom Can Be Helpful for Homeschooling

Google Classroom is a free web service that has been specifically developed by Google for students as well as teachers. It has been designed to create, distribute and grade assignments most effectively by going entirely paperless. The best feature of Google Classroom is to streamline and simplify the task of sharing the files between teachers and students.

With the passage of time, Google Classroom is no longer limited to students and teachers who meet at a certain place, during a given time. It is now becoming a favourite tool among parents as well as teachers who homeschool children as the concept of homeschooling is on the rise if the children live in remote areas or if they cannot be sent to school due to any reason. Even if the children are not going to school due to extreme weather conditions, they can use this highly effective tool to share files with their teachers or their parents can stay connected with the teachers to ensure their children get the best academic assistance.

Google Classroom is not just a single tool but it combines several services that make it more effective and easy to access. Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides as well as Calendar and Google Mail that make it easy for patients and students to stay connected, schedule their meetings and create and distribute content.  The teacher can create a separate folder for every class or student depending on how the teaching process is moving forward. The students can share and attach files and even access the information offline and the teachers can also keep an eye on the students’ progress and grade their work and also provide comments on what they have assessed.

How Google Classroom helps in homeschooling

Parents and teachers no longer have to worry if children are unable to access schools as Google Classroom is here to help them. This web service allows teachers to assign reading, videos, tests, questions and much more in advance so that the students have everything with them while they are at home. This service can be used for effective communication with the students and teachers can even grade work through short-answer and multiple-choice assignments. It works best when students have a lot to study especially during the exam time or holidays and vacations and they can make use of google classroom to keep up the learning process.

The best thing about Google Classroom is that the student can be assigned homework and other work directly so that he or she can keep on working without any interruptions and with this, homeschooling can become a successful means of learning.

Google Classroom brings together various tools like Google Drive for sharing, uploading and communicating while Google Docs and Sheets and Slide make it easy for students and teachers to write and check the work, Google Calendar helps them keep an eye on assignment dates, events, and lectures. This makes it easy for the parents to see how their children are working and the teachers can grade and assess students without calling them over with their assignments or classwork.

Working on assignments with Google Classroom

The good thing about Google Classroom is that assignments can be saved and graded on the productivity applications that help students and teachers come together on one platform. Students can also stay in touch with each other and share files as they are all hosted on one drive. The teachers can modify and adjust the homework or assignment sheets and students can check them out. Not only this, but additional documents can also be attached which makes it easy for both the parties to work from home.

Keeping in touch with Google Classroom

Homeschool does not have to be boring or it does not mean that students cannot keep in touch with their teachers or fellow students. The teachers can post important accouchements or the students can make updates that will be seen by others. The good thing is that all types of media such as videos, images and other attachments can be shared to ensure the academic process does not stop.  Gmail is also an effective means to communicate with the help of email.

Google Classroom is playing a role in homeschooling and helping parents as well as teachers and students to achieve their goals at the year-end. With the facility to archive courses, organization tools to track the students’ progress and facility to access this service on mobile applications, the students can continue the learning process and enjoy academic success without any interruption.