How Does Google Collect Personally Identifiable Information

Google policies are very strapping in order to collect personally identifiable information. To protect user privacy, Google policies mandate collects data to recognize all information of the user. PII is the short form of (personally identifiable information). PII has many things related to collect information such as email addresses, personal mobile numbers and social security numbers. According to the laws, all the tools can be used in across countries. Google analytics also can be used in many ways such as consult an attorney, constitute and certain information. Here are some ways that are helpful for Google to collect personally identifiable information.

  • User IDs
  • Page URLs and title
  • PII entered by users
  • Data Import
  • Analytical features and privacy risk
  • Relocation
  • Audience
  • Hashed and Salted PII
  • HIPAA Disclaimer

User IDs

Google can collect personal information of any people by User IDs. If you want to secure your information, you should keep an eye on the top details.  You must read all the points and guidelines.  It is the best weapon of Google to collect all the details.

Page URLs and Titles

It is the basic analytical page. The basic analytical page tag collects the page URL of the users. You can view all title pages that can be viewed. PII always send URLs and titles of the readers.URL path and parameters must be free to collect the identifiable information. If you find anything in your page, it must be removed from the page. You can add analytical code to the URL before sent a logical code.

Analytics options and privacy risk

Special care ought to be taken to confirm no PII like names, social security numbers, email addresses, or any similar personal identifiers. It is giving information for good identifies and a specific device like a mobile phone. It is a distinctive device symbol (if such associate degree symbol can’t be reset) that is distributed to Analytics codes. Victimization is following all these features:

  • User ID override
  • All custom dimensions
  • Campaign dimensions: supply, Medium, Keyword, Campaign, Content
  • Be sure not embody PII in custom campaign parameters _source, _medium, _term, _campaign, and _content.
  • Site search dimensions: website Search Term and website search class
  • Event dimensions: Event class, Event Action, Event Label


If you want to collect information, you should find Relocation. It can lead at reasonable inference of the individual. In some instance, it is most important such as UK zip and Zip codeWith the help of relocation, Google collects all the identifiable information. It is the best thing to collect all the personal information of any businessman. A businessman always follows the relocation in order to increase their business plan.

Hashed and salted PII

You can send Google Analytical in order to collect personal data. It is a most important method that always helps Google to collect personally identifiable data. It is a very impressive method in the salted PII.

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