What Are The Environmental Implications Of Forest Fires?

The forest fires are the blazes which are uncontrolled and rapidly spreading. The flames of forest fire are widely enhanced by the wind action. The impact of the forest fire is that it can wipe out the wide area of the forest just within a few minutes. There are two main causes of a forest fire. Smoking, campfires and fireworks are human causes of a forest fire. Lightening and volcanic eruption are the natural causes of a forest fire. If you don’t have enough idea about forest fires, then you can get help from experts in dissertation proposal writing services. Some essential environmental implications of forest fires are given below;

  • Loss of ecosystem and biodiversity

A forest is an ecosystem for many species. Due to forest fire, this ecosystem is destroyed. The distinction of some special species is known as biodiversity. This loss of ecosystem and biodiversity has a lot of impacts on the environment. The trees are the major sources of producing Oxygen and absorbing Carbon dioxide and Methane. Due to fire forest, these trees are also destroyed and in the environment, the amount of Oxygen will be decreased and the amount of Carbon dioxide and other gases will be increased and this can create lots of environmental issues.

  • Air pollution

It is a fact that the plants purify the air which is helpful to us for respiration. Moreover, these plants also absorb greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide from the environment and provide oxygen. When the lives of these plants are exterminated by a forest fire, the number of air pollutants in the air will be decreased and we can observe a lot of changes in the environment. Moreover, there is also a possibility of global warming. The huge clouds of forest fire also become a cause of massive air pollution. Due to the presence of a huge amount of dust and smoke particles in the environment, there occurs air pollution. The air pollution is also fatal to human life.

  • Soil degradation

There is a huge amount of such nutrients available in the soil of these forests which can decay the forest from the debris. As a result, a huge amount of organic activities are performed. The forest fires are also fatal for organic activities of these nutrients. These fires can kill these beneficial and essential microorganisms and the nutrients which become a cause of supporting the microbial activities of the soil. Due to forest fire, the temperature of the soil and surrounding environment also increases. This can also become a cause of destroying the nutritive value of the soil. As a result, we can face a lot of environmental issues.

  • Destruction of watersheds

It is a fact that the trees and plants are the centres of the water cycle and they are also the major sources of rain. When these trees and plants are destroyed due to forest fire, then we will also observe a low level of the rivers and lakes. Moreover, the quantity of water in different places will be disturbed.

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