Top Business Networking Platforms Like LinkedIn You Can Use

Top Business Networking Platforms Like LinkedIn You Can Use

LinkedIn is a huge professional networking site. It is regarded as the top business networking platform with millions of users from all over the world. It is the largest and busiest professional network, with more than 610 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. However, it is not the only business networking platform, even if it continues to top the list. There are others too; some of the top alternative business networking platforms that help users grow their personal network.

It is necessary to understand what while LinkedIn continues to offer the best assistance; the other options also have specific strengths that approach networking in different and meaningful ways. Some are even better for making professional connections locally or within unique niches. This article by experts of assignment writing services discusses the top business networking platforms like LinkedIn that professionals can use for growing their personal network and find the best job and socializing opportunities.  Even if the users do not leave LinkedIn, these other sites and platforms can add supplemental value.


It is a really smart business networking platform that enables users to seek out or even create their local meetups. When they register, they mark their interest, and it helps them plan their meetups most effectively with compatible people.  It is a great platform that brings like-minded people together locally.

Meetup also notifies the users regarding any local meetups that they might be interested in, as they are created. The meetups span a wide variety of topics, from professional topics to hobbies and everything else. Even if the users do not find a meetup they feel like joining or being a part of due to their schedule, they can create their own, and Meetup will notify other users who have identified that topic as something that is of interest to them.


It is a top professional network that functions similarly to LinkedIn. After signing up, the users can join groups with like-minded professionals to network and share ideas. Users can stay on top of the latest news related to their industry or field of work and identify relevant seminars, conferences, and tradeshows. They can also post jobs, search for jobs, and research companies. Xing is used by people in more than 200 countries, which makes it a great online marketplace for opportunity seekers. It has a free as well as a paid version with additional features.


This business networking platform was developed for bringing together local professionals and people who are looking for services.  Bark makes every task easy, whether it is looking for professional assistance or a job. Bark helps employers reach to professionals in your area and circle back with estimates. Job seekers can also set up their profiles and get connected with prospective employers who look for the right candidates.


Opportunity is a networking site that can rightly be called an alternative to LinkedIn as it is known for its professional matchmaking services. It aims to connect people according to their needs. Users get notified each time someone in their target market indicates that they need what the user offers. In the same manner, the users will be notified regarding the relevant employment opportunities. Along with this, professionals also have a chance to discover other professionals based upon the preferences they select, such as age, gender, interests, personality.


Jobcase is a pretty unique tool. It has been powering over 100 popular job sites since 2009 successfully. Due to its association with numerous job sites, it has access to a wealth of data about open roles and the companies that are currently hiring for roles that users might be interested in. It is not only easy to use but helps to deliver desired results too. The users have to set up a profile and get access to a huge database of jobs. Along with this, the users can also join groups or pursue the community to become a part of the discussions. Jobcase boasts over 80 million users, which means there are plenty of opportunities for users to make the most out of this platform, just like LinkedIn.


Lunchmeet is a mobile app. It can rightly be called a valuable tool that identifies local professionals with similar interests and aspirations. What makes this app unique from others is that it is a good alternative to LinkedIn, and it can help to identify one other local professional to meet for coffee or lunch, as opposed to pulling in a crowd.

Facebook Groups:

It might come as a surprise to them, but the users will be happy to know that there are several Facebook groups dedicated to sharing professional knowledge and experiences. Most people take Facebook to be more of a personal social platform as compared to LinkedIn, but it can also be a source of professional networking.

Users can also seek out a community; they just have to use Facebooks’ search tool to find groups about the topic of interest.  Several communities cater to various aspects of digital marketing from tactical knowledge all the way to running a digital agency that make it easy for users to find themselves a good place to meet other like-minded individuals and groups.

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It is a good alternative to LinkedIn and a top business networking platform that was designed to make a first impression easy and good. It can be called a web app that builds online resumes and portfolios and gives them a chance to connect with other people from the same field and profession.

Sumry allows professionals to aggregate their certifications, skills, and work experience most efficiently. It also allows them to include testimonials and a full timeline of work experience, which is quite similar to LinkedIn. It has a basic version as well as a premium version and gives users a chance to introduce themselves before applying.

Once the users are ready to submit their credentials, the apps make it easy for them to apply with one click with a link to their profile and a PDF of their resume.